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Double Marker Row

This is a great technique to make hanging stockinette hems easier and the pick-up cleaner. Use this for neck bands, front bands, bottom of garments. There will be 2 passes of the carriage and one row knit.

Technique: Rehang your garment, non-public side facing you, put every other needle to hold position, set the carriage to hold. Knit 1 row (The needles in work position knit, those in hold do not). Remove the carriage from hold and set carriage to part or slip. Knit 1 row (The needles in work position do not knit, those in hold position knit.). Reset your row counter back by 1 number.

The photo shows upward (white) and downward (pink) loops that are easier to pick up to enclose a hem. Contrast colors were used to show the technique. Typically the same main color is used.

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