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Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration:

(Listed in no particular order.....)

  • Susan Guagliumi has had more than 30 years in the knitting machine biz, and has authored 4 incredible books on machine knitting.

  • The Answer Lady is a designer working in machine, loom & hand knitting as well as crochet, sewing and other needle arts. Jack fixes absolutely everything, and how great videos on YouTube for DIY machine repairs.

  • Knitology 1x1 for knitting related videos and tutorials for machine knitters.

  • Roberta Rose Meads for 100s of machine knitting video tutorials.

  • Alessandrina has many single bed and double bed MK techniques throughly explained and documented.

  • Creative Tien for weekly YouTube videos and blog posts about hand and machine knitting, crochet, and sewing tutorials, as well as tool reviews and resources.

  • Juan's Knitting Garage for quick tricks to make your machine knitting more enjoyable, complete garments faster and with professional finishes.

  • Diana Sullivan is absolutely crazy about machine knitting! She's got MK books, video tutorials, patterns, and more.

  • The Knitting School offers short tutorials in machine knitting for professionals, hobbyists and small businesses.

  • Sister Mountain is a website devoted to teaching enthusiastic knitters how to design and sell their own knitting patterns in multiples sizes.

  • Machine Knit Community is a new global community of machine knitters - an online space for machine knitters of all abilities to develop skills, habits & rituals to get the most from your machine.

  • The Hand y Machine Knitting podcast, hosted by Julie Boylan. Julie loves hand and machine knitting and touches on both topics in every episode.

  • Knitting Machine Manuals - they're downloadable and FREE!

  • The Color Wheel to help you sort out complementary, split-complementary, triadic, and more color combos.

  • Needles of Steel

  • Needles to Say

  • Tom Machine Knitting Guy


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