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Multiple Row Latch Tool Cast On

One method to prevent the bottom edges of stockinette knitting from rolling is to add multiple rows of latch tool cast-on to the bottom edges of your knit pieces. Here’s how…

  1. Carriage on right.

  2. Latch tool cast-on from left to right.

  3. Add yarn to the carriage feeder.

  4. Knit to left.

  5. *Push in right part button, free pass carriage back to right hand side.

  6. Remove yarn from carriage.

  7. Behind the knitting on the needles, latch tool cast-on another row. This will show on the knit side of your piece. For the final needle, take that stitch off with a single prong transfer tool, put the stitch that’s on the latch tool onto that end needle then put the stitch on the transfer tool back on that needle.

  8. Thread carriage.

  9. Knit 1 row to the left.*

Repeat between * to * once more. This will prevent the natural curl towards the purl side at the bottom edge.

You can add an additional row of latch tool cast-on if desired. Some cotton yarns can really fight to curl. This techinque is also fun to do in a contrast color. Glenda Overmann used a contrast color latch tool cast-on behind the knitting to add rows of interest in her lace Little Darlin’ pattern.

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